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To help you understand your consumers’ or customers’ perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, or opinions about your brands or services.

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Bruce conducting a focus group. Focus Groups:  Focus Groups are an efficient and effective way to generate consumer insights.  We manage every element, beginning with recruiting to ensure we get the right participants in the room.  We develop a discussion guide that flows well and, as needed, utilize projective exercises to get participants to reveal their innermost thoughts, both practical and emotional.

Online bulletin boards and mini online communities: Online qualitative offers some advantages over traditional focus groups.  This approach generates rich data; is great for hard-to-find, low incidence respondents; geographically dispersed respondents; and for business-to-business (B2B) research.  It offers both respondents and clients scheduling flexibility, and is cost-effective.  We can keep a bulletin board open for weeks, enabling several iterations to allow you to introduce and refine a new product concept or advertising.

Bruce PeoplesOne-on-one, in-depth interviews:  This approach is great in its simplicity and is appropriate for generating insights from executive level respondents, geographically dispersed respondents, and/or when discussing technical topics.  IDIs can be executed in-person, via the phone, or through video conferencing (e.g., Webex, Skype, or other platforms).  For more about phone IDIs, see my article in the December 2012 edition of Quirk’s Marketing Research Review.  http://www.quirks.com/articles/index.aspx

Usability testing or user experience: No two people interact with a website or app in the same way.  But, certain design elements ARE easier for most people to understand.  We use a variety of methods - one-on-one interviews (while the respondent navigates a site); online bulletin boards (this approach is surprisingly effective); Webex or similar screen-sharing tool - to get valuable feedback about navigability, ease of use, content, and more.

mobile exampleMobile: It is amazing how the smartphone, with its photo and video capabilities, has improved qualitative research. We try to require photos or videos on nearly all of our qualitative projects.  Instead of participants telling us about something, they can show us.  A picture IS worth a thousand words - or several insights in a summary report!  It increases participants’ engagement and generates deeper insights.

Shop-a-longs or Ethnography: Observing consumers in a retail or shopping environment, or watching them use products in their homes or ‘real’ environments, is a great way to understand their wants, needs, and expectations on both a practical and emotional level.

Social Media Monitoring: It is important that you know what consumers are saying about your brand.  There are several effective social media monitoring tools that we can utilize to help you find out.  Or, we can work with your team, or use your monitoring tool,  to provide the analysis and insights that only experienced researchers can distill.